Ivan’s art and framing studio is situated just up the road from picturesque Peggy’s Cove, an area of outstanding natural beauty and home to many other local artists. A visit to this area makes it very easy to see where so much of Ivan’s artistic inspiration comes from.

This is also where you will find his other love, his ‘Peggy of the Cove’ Museum, one which Ivan lovingly shares with thousands of tourists each year who visit Peggy’s Cove and it’s surrounding areas.

One such tourist was kind enough to share his experience of visiting the museum and meeting this talented artist. Click here to read his account

So if you are planning a trip to lovely Peggy’s Cove, be sure to stop on your way and visit the museum, meet the artist and perhaps take home one of his truly unique pieces of art as a souvenir.

Ivan’s Art and Framing Gallery can be found at:
10236 Peggy`s Cove Road
Glen Margaret,
NS Canada
B3Z 3J1

Phone 902 823-2083
Fax 902 823-1757